Wartsila and Weathernews join hands to develop advanced weather forecasting for ships

3 mins read  Sealuminati TeamJune 18, 2021

Wartsila Voyage of Finland and Japanese Weathernews (WNI) have merged their respective businesses in a project to increase shipping safety and sustainability.

WNI's weather forecasting data and Optimum Ship Routing (OSR) service will be linked with Wartsila's products and solutions as part of the agreement. As a result, Wartsila's Fleet Operations Solution (FOS) will be able to leverage WNI's forecasting algorithms.

Wartsila's FOS automatically optimises a vessel's path by providing the most recent complete trip data. Additionally, it notifies and informs both onboard and shore-based personnel.

The FOS's efficiency can be boosted by using Weathernews' weather data, Wartsila noted.

Wartsila's Navi-Planner, a comprehensive voyage planning and optimization system, is also expected to benefit from the new relationship.

This solution is connected to the ship's electronic chart display and information system via the ship's electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS).

Moreover, advanced weather forecasting will be integrated into future sustainable systems and new technologies developed as a result of the companies' cooperation.

The collaboration aims to increase navigational safety, minimise fuel consumption, and aid vessel owners and operators in their efforts to decarbonize.

Vessel operators will be able to minimise risks with automated navigation and route planning functions enabled by weather avoidance technology.

Additionally, it will allow sailors to focus on other operational requirements.

Once the WNI weather service is integrated, the partners will collaborate to develop additional capabilities, such as route overlays and charts.

Kay Dausendschoen, head of Wartsila Voyage product, fleet operations solutions, and optimization, stated: "Sailing in inclement weather has a number of disadvantages. Containers may float away, fuel consumption may increase, and schedules may be jeopardized. These losses can be averted by integrating the quickest and most accurate advance warning of weather conditions into our navigational and voyage systems.”

Wartsila stated in a statement, "With the inclusion of frequent, up-to-date weather information, FOS can be even more efficient at enhancing navigational safety, lowering fuel consumption, and optimising the cruise leg."

What is more, Wartsila and the classification society RINA partnered last week to develop a novel propulsion arrangement concept with a number of benefits.