Victoria Police Rescues Seafarer Clinging to a Buoy

3 mins read  Sealuminati TeamMay 16, 2021

Police responders in Melbourne, Australia rescued a seafarer who jumped off his serving tanker and was clinging onto the buoy a few miles off the port.

The penetrating eye of Victoria Police search aircraft spotted the 31-year-old sailor at 2000 hours AST on Sunday night. The Georgian National sailor was thereafter rescued and taken to hospital. Following this, he was put in quarantine. Along with him, the officers who came into direct contact with him isolated themselves owing to the current disgraceful scenario of COVID-19.

As per the reports, the sailor is believed to be part of the crew on tanker Kanpur which was then anchored off Melbourne.

Current location of the Tanker Kanpur

It is expected for the ship to dock on Wednesday and thereafter officials from various regulatory bodies are to conduct an investigation into the matter.

Mission to Seafarers Victoria branch expressed its concern on the matter for not only the rescued sailor but for also the other crew member in a social media post.