Ulstein to Design Non-Fossil Fuel Containership for Norwegian Startup

3 mins read  Sealuminati TeamJune 23, 2021

Ulstein, a Norwegian shipbuilder, has been chosen to design a non-fossil-fuel containership with zero emissions.

Edge Navigation, an Oslo-based company, is designing commercial ships with non-fossil propulsion as part of the maritime transportation industry's efforts to decarbonize. By 2025, the business hopes to have “economic and scalable green-energy” commercial cargo ships on the market. Ulstein's trademarked X-BOW will be incorporated into the design. Its Design & Solutions AS was awarded the contract by EDGE Navigation AS.

EDGE Navigation's Managing Director – the CEO, Jakob Tolstrup-Møller stated “Because of the X-BOW, there will be less power required per container in a wider variety of operational circumstances, lowering the bar for switching to Green Energy propulsion".

"This assignment is a wonderful project for Ulstein," said Lars Stle Skoge, commercial director at Ulstein Design & Solutions. “Sustainable growth is one of our key beliefs, and in this project, we are working to improve container vessel design, by combining non-fossil fuel propulsion and the energy-efficient X-BOW hull design, to realize the aim of green marine transport.”

Tolstrup-Møller stated, "Container transportation is a vital element of the global economy, affecting everyone's everyday life directly or indirectly." “As shippers and cargo owners seek to eliminate emissions, the energy revolution will compel a paradigm shift in the marine industry. As a result, we must innovate by adapting and emerging technology to achieve zero-emission power generation".