UK based Cerulean Winds to Pilot a 3 GW Project to decarbonise UK waters

2 mins read  Sealuminati TeamJune 2, 2021

Cerulean winds, a UK based asset developer and offshore floating wind Licence owner, has decided to develop a floating wind project in the northern European sea. The application for the same has been submitted to Marine Scotland, a company managing Scotland's seas and freshwater fisheries. The project is applied for a lease of USD 14 Billion.

It is proposed to consist of 200 floating wind turbines each having capacity of 3 GW. The project would sign contracts and then provide power to the offshore oil and gas facilities and will use onshore green hydrogen plants for its own operations. Thereby functioning as a partial renewable energy source.

The British administration is looking forward to green sources and using renewable sources to power up them. The technology is still very costly and not yet applicable on a commercial scale. But these steps surely reduces carbon emissions and is good for the environment.

Dan Jackson, the Founding Director of the company Cerulean winds, believes that emissions must be stopped anyhow as it is not acceptable in the modern world. He also believes that if these decarbonisation efforts of the industry are not speeded up, it can result in threatening oil and gas security.

For the records, the Cerulean winds company has set the financial targets and plans in place and is ready with all guns blazing. After approval, the company believes that the project will be operational from 2024.