Three Workers Died During Decommissioning In The Coast Of Libya

3 mins read  Sealuminati TeamNovember 10, 2021

According to the operator of the Mellitah Oil & Gas in the previous week, about three workers were killed during the decommissioning of an aging FSO off the coast of Libya.

Mellitah put the Sloug up for proposal in early 2020, offering up the vessel and any residual hydrocarbons inside of it on an as-is/where-is basis. The terms of the tender put all responsibility for disconnection and towing of the strategy on the buyer, including cutoff and isolation of two 16 pipelines at the FSO's single-point mooring buoy.

A Tunisian contractor is elected for the Slough towing after the procedure of the tender and sale. On Friday the workers were on board and they were preparing for the removal of the vessel and suddenly the chain snapped, throwing the three workers over the side and they are not anymore, one more personnel is missing and one got a severe injury during this accident.

Mellitah promoted that it is now motivating the customer to accelerate the vessel's deduction.

The Mellitah is the largest gas and oil maker in Libya, it acts as the JV between Libya's National Oil Corporation and the Italian Oil Major Eni. It governs several onshore and offshore oil fields along with the numerous pipelines and leases administered by the NOC.

The Sloug a single hull VLCC originally christened the Agip Sardegna is built-in 1973. In 1985 it was sold to Libya's National Oil Corp and from 1989 it was used as the FSO at the Bouri Field till its decommissioning. The Sloug was replaced by the Mellitah having a new FSO, the Gaza which was installed in 2017.