The UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development - First Initiatives from IMarEST

4 mins read  Sealuminati Team June 30, 2021

The event organized by the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Training (IMarEST), started with a welcome address given by the event session chair Dr. Bev Mackenzie, who is the London representative at International Maritime Organization for BIMCO, the world’s largest direct membership organization for shipowners, charterers, shipbrokers and agents. She is a PhD in the Chemical Oceanography and physical oceanography from the university of Liverpool. She excels in operational oceanography, ocean observing and maritime issues such as plastic pollution and climate change. The UN commenced the Ocean decade in January 2021 and aims to gather interests from around the globe to invest heavily in the ocean and find the innovative solutions which can address the aims of IMO regarding the 2050 vision.

The presenters in the session were the delegates associated with the oceanography and ocean science. The event in the annual conference of IMarEST, the one and only longest maritime based conference, addressed issues like food availability, ocean pollution due to plastics and agriculture on the seabed and aquaculture. The event started with a presentation on the An Introduction to the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development which was presented by Prof. Stephen de Mora former chief executive of Plymouth Marine laboratory. He was announced as the ambassador from the IMarEST for the UN Ocean Decade discussion. In the presentation he discussed the key areas which need to be discussed and answered for the ambitious outcomes. This encompassed ideas like digital atlas, information portals and ocean literacy.

Following this, the next presentation was based on the topic of Developments in Sustainable Aquaculture at the Start of the UN Decade, which was presented by Dr. Gullame Drillet, who himself is a master in the coastal resource management and aquaculture. He is a PhD in environmental sciences from Denmark. During his presentation he established the fact that how aquaculture can answer the most persisting question of food resource management. He narrated the ocean as a big bowl which can feed people if managed properly and sustainably. Following which the director at Oceanalysis Ltd, Dr. Gus Jeans presented his ideas in the Operational Oceanography in the Ocean Decade and Prof. Wiliam Megill, a professor of Biomimetics at Rhine waal University of Applied Silences, presented his presentation on the topic The Marine Mammal SIG and the UN decade.

Thereafter, Ms. Stephanie Lavelle, a project director at Sea Sanctuaries ltd, presented the presentation over the topic Ocean Plastics and Marine Litter arguably one of the most important question to be answered by the Ocean Decade committee and MEPC. Following this, the final presentation addressed The Critical Importance of Small-Scale Fishing sector. It was presented by Mr. Eric Holliday the CEO at FISH safety Organization.

The event was called off after 6 insightful and promising presentations.