Singapore Unveils World's Largest Floating Solar Farm, Targets Country's Carbon Footprints

2 mins read  Sealuminati TeamJuly 15, 2021

In the ongoing race for sustainable development Singapore Recently inaugurated one of the largest inland floating solar Panels which is planned to be used to generate renewable power. This colossal solar panel farm comes under the country’s sustainable goals under the Singapore green plan 2030. The Singapore green plan 2030 aims to increase the generation of renewable power through solar energy to four times by 2025.

The concerned solar panel farm is spread across more than 110 acres of area on the water with 122,000 solar panels spread across to generate renewable power for the country. The installation of the solar panels was developed by Sembcorp Floating Solar Singapore, which is operated by the Sembcorp Industries and National Water Agency PUB. It is mentioned that the Solar farm is capable of generating up to 60 megawatts of power. after the installation and correct operation of the solar farm Singapore will be counted in one of the few countries of the world which are able to power the waterworks system with a renewable energy. Not only this, but also it would reduce the carbon emission by 32 kilotons per year.

Talking about the efficiency of the solar farm, the energy generated is supposed to power five local water treatment plants, thereby reducing the carbon footprints of the PUB.

Wong Kim Yin, the Group President & CEO of Sembcorp Industries Believes that this project is one of the jewels of the company’s portfolio. He also Address to people about the 3300 megawatts of renewable energy that the Sembcorp industry handles across the globe.

For the records the construction of this floating solar farm started in the August of 2020. It is also brought to notice that the construction employs new techniques which are used to design a custom built jig which is purposely made to increase the rate of solar panel assembly up to 50%.

Ng Joo Hee, the current Chief Executive at PUB, believes the construction of this floating solar power plant is a big step towards the sustainable energy development and water treatment. he also believes that solar energy will play a vital role in reducing the country’s carbon footprint.