Shipping Containers: Boon for Cluster Colonies in India

3 mins read  Sealuminati TeamSeptember 2, 2021

Shipping Containers have been serving mankind for years and transporting cargo and have proven to be the godfather to global trade. However, shipping containers have witnessed their useful applications outside the maritime industry as well with the aid of recycling and subtle innovations.

COVID-19 has created havoc not only over the maritime industry but across all spheres of the world. It has verily highlighted the need of upgrading healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry and upscale the accessibility of medical infrastructure. An initiative ‘Mohalla Clinics’ by Government of Delhi, India towards the same has caught the eyes of maritime industry for the clinics have been built inside portable shipping containers.

As these dense cluster colonies have no room for any permanent mega structure, ‘mohalla clinics’ in portable shipping containers could prove to be a boon to the local residents. Currently, two such container clinics have been installed in the Shakurbasti area. However, the government intends to house more such clinics in the near future with an aim to boost the primary healthcare system in Delhi, India.

A typical ‘mohalla clinic’- shipping container clinic houses a doctor and a midwife with an array of diagnostic services and essential clinical care and supplies free of cost. A health official from the Government of Delhi claimed airplanes inspired the government for a ‘mohalla clinic’. Land issues and congestion in local colonies pushed the authorities to strive for building clinics in a portable shipping container. The sturdy material of the shipping containers eliminate the risk of any thefts and its compact dimensions (occupying an area of 320 feet) and transferability make it an apt choice. Moreover, these clinics in portable shipping containers could be manufactured in bulk that ease the complex process.

"Visited the construction site of 2 new Mohalla Clinics at Shakurbasti. These Clinics have been set up in portable containers. Such Clinics are easy to set up & transport in Cluster areas like Jhuggi-Bastis & narrow streets where healthcare infrastructure is less accessible," a senior health official of Delhi Government tweeted after his visit to ‘mohalla clinics’- portable container shipping clinics.