Russian Cargo Ship Collides With Other Docked Cargo Vessel at Port of Taganrog

3 mins read  Sealuminati TeamJuly 13, 2021

The Russian port of Taganrog witnessed a docking accident on Wednesday the 7th of July close to noon when a cargo ship of Russian origin hit another vessel of the same company as it arrived at the port. No injuries were sustained by any of the crew of either vessel but the hulls of the vessel bore the brunt of the collision.

The port authority also released the video of the accident which made the circles of social media through the weekend. Details provided by the port authority officials suggest that the Volga shipping owned SV Kynaz Vladimir, a 420-foot long cargo ship of 5400 deadweight tonnage arriving from Turkey, ran into the docked vessel Rusich-6 as it maneuvered its way into the southwestern port of Taganrog on the northern shore of the bay of Taganrog.

SV Kynaz Vladimir experienced severe bow damage during the collision whereas the port side of the hull of the Rusich-6 cargo ship was impacted. The cargo on board SV Kynaz Vladimir remained unimpacted by the hit.

Russian officials mentioned in their press release statements that the Rostov Transport Investigation Department was to investigate the incident and the investigators from the department had already surveyed the scene of the accident had reviewed the conditions of both the cargo vessels after the accident. The statement also mentioned that the questioning of captains of both ships was underway. The investigation aims to establish circumstances and causes that may have led to the occurrence of this accident.