Russia fires warning shots at Britain, Warns them not to sail near Crimea

3 mins read  Sealuminati TeamJuly 15, 2021

Britain was hammered with an official warning from Russia issued by the Deputy Secretary of Russia’s Security Council, Mikhail Popov, on Wednesday which communicated that the sailors of the British warships would be in the peril of getting hurt if these warships are spotted anywhere near the Russian-annexed Crimea.

In 2014, Crimea was annexed by Russia from Ukraine and to justify its action, Russia stated that the waters around the land belonged to Moscow. However, many nations still consider Crimea as a part of Ukraine.

The issued warning follows an incident which occurred last month when HMS Defender, a British warship, sailed through the waters belonging to Russia. A report from the Russian Defense Ministry mentioned that the Black Sea Fleet and the Federal Security Service border control service had opposed the contravention of the margins of Russia by the said British warship near Cape Fiolent of Crimea.

This step by the Britain was highly remonstrated and a coastguard vessel even fired warning shots. A proper explanation was also demanded from the British ambassador.

While interacting with the state Rossiiyskaya Gazeta newspaper, Mikhail Popov mentioned that the behaviour of the Britain and its reaction towards the whole incident was utterly bewildering. Particularly, he condemned the suggestions of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Foreign Minister, Dominic Raab, which indicated that such incidents might occur again.

Popov also warned that if such actions occur again, harsh methods will be employed to deal with it and the state allegiance of the violator would be deemed futile. He confidently stated the opposite party should rethink and analyze the risk associated with such violations given the military robustness and superiority of the Russian armed forces.

Popov said that the people suffering from the Russian attacks in the vessels will not be the members of the British government and continued, “And it's in that context that I want to ask a question of the same Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab - what will they say to the families of the British sailors who will get hurt in the name of such 'great' ideas?"

It was reported that the destroyer had trespassed over 3 kilometers inside the territorial waters of Russia after which the warning shots were fired by a guard, closely followed by several bomb attacks dropped off from a plane. After this the Defender made its way off the Russian waters.