Royal Navy Appoints its First Female Admiral

3 mins read  Sealuminati TeamJune 1, 2021

History in the making, Cdre Jude Terry is on the verge of becoming the first-ever Female Admiral of the Royal Navy.

For the first time in the Royal Navy's centuries-long history, a female officer has been nominated and will hold the rank of Admiral.

After serving in the Royal Navy for almost a quarter of a century, Commodore Jude Terry has been given the promotion to the rank of Rear Admiral. This is the senior-most post achieved by any woman in the Royal Navy, considering both the past and present scenarios.

She will be contributing her working hours, to monitor every sailor and Royal Mariner, throughout their training from the day of recruitment to the final day in Service. She will also be extending her guidance to the welfare, training, and proper career management of the sailors.

Her promotion to the rank of rear admiral is foreseen to be happening next year. She will be the Training and Naval Secretary, taking over the command of the Royal Navy's Director of People. "Someone has to be first," said this 47-year-old woman about making history.

She said, "I have always thought of myself as a naval officer first, then a logistics officer, then Jude, and finally as a female. The Navy does not consider your gender and is an equal opportunity employer – it wants you to work as part of a team and deliver outputs to support operations."

"I have been really lucky throughout my career. I’ve enjoyed great jobs, wonderful support from my family, worked with great people, seized the opportunity to see the world, and contributed to several operations which have made a difference to people’s lives, including Afghanistan, Somalia, and Sierra Leone, to name a few ", added Cidre Jude Terry.

With the aim of serving the Royal Navy in shaping its subordinates until 2040, she at present holds the rank of deputy director of the same department she is about to take over as a rear admiral.

Tony Radakin (First Sea Lord Admiral) on her success said, "I am delighted with Commodore Jude Terry’s selection for promotion to Rear Admiral. Jude is part of a cohort of trailblazers in the Royal Navy who have seized the opportunities on offer and risen to the top. This builds on a rich career of naval and broader Defence appointments, all of which she has excelled at. "

In major of her seagoing career, Terry used to be a part of the Plymouth-based warships, which accumulates HMS Scott (survey vessel) and two trances with HMS Ocean (helicopter carrier).

She was also credible for her work with BBC Channel 4 on the documentary series Warship. She spent ten months of her 12-month second plan on HMS Ocean, somewhere in the Baltic and Gulf, away from the UK. The Gulf and the Middle East, the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean, and the Far East. She has been to all these areas throughout her career.

For being a part of the operational hub of the UK military, Permanent Joint Headquarters, in which she contributed to the end of Britain's front line operation in Afghanistan-She was rewarded with the "Order of the British Empire" (OBE), in 2017 New Year's Honour List. Her efforts to mitigate the spread of the Ebola virus (2014-2015) in West Africa and supervising the base camp closure at Lashkar Gar, Bastion and Kandahar, all account for her credibility.