Plug and Play collaborates with Port of Antwerp- opens new doors in Maritime Shipping

8 mins read  Sealuminati TeamMay 10, 2021

Global innovation platform Plug and Play collaborated with the port of Antwerp and tries to build an innovation ecosystem in Maritime Shipping. It is governed by a team of four native individuals. Plug and Play boost the innovation on sustainable fuels, smart shipping, smart port operations which brings and grows the best start-up in the Antwerp region to build the port future towards smart maritime shipping.


Collaboration of Plug and Play and Port of Antwerp

Plug and play, Port of Antwerp, city of Antwerp, CMB and DXC Technology and euronav together launched a thought to check new technologies and accelerate innovation within the maritime business. It jointly launched a plan to test new technologies and accelerate innovation in the maritime industry. It builds up the maritime industry and entrepreneurs to the region and tries to develop an innovative start-up ecosystem.

The foundation of Plug and Play maritime will take place as a 12-week open innovation program that will be organized twice a year. In every version, over twenty international start-ups are going to be invited to reply to the precise technical need.

Start-ups and business departments of partner firms can collaborate on pilot projects and idea demonstrations to finally accomplish production-ready implementations. The goal for each start-up company is to complete at least one joint project and then it will be introduced on the day of the closing ceremony.

“Plug and play maritime is an important milestone in bringing our ports to the next international level and positioning it as a leading innovation platform.”-Jacques Vandemeiren CEO.

It leads an innovation platform that connects start-ups, companies, venture capital firms, universities, and government agencies. The Plug and Play Technology is the world's largest early investor, accelerator, and enterprise innovation platform. Its global headquarters is located in Sunnyvale, Silicon Valley, California, founder and CEO Saeed Amidi have operations in 35 regions on five continents. It provides corporate innovation plans and helps our partners at every stage of the innovation journey from education and execution.

They also organized an acceleration program and established an internal VC to promote innovations in multiple industries. Strong ambition makes Antwerp an ideal starting point for innovation companies. These powerful ecosystems have brought innovation to ancient business clusters and have helped to gain success within the field of quality, health, and safety.

Port of Antwerp - a model of Smart Shipping

A million containers transport from the Port of Antwerp. Port business has excessive room for emerging technologies

. It’s about a hundred and twenty sq. kilometers. The result's that the port nowadays is half a dozen times the scale of the town. Size plays an important role as a result of the ships is getting larger and greater and deeper. The terminal becomes more efficient. In today’s date, there are a lot of technologies which are present over there. The Port of Antwerp is that the lifeblood of the Belgian economy; over three hundred airline services to more than 800 destinations to secure world connectivity.

The Port of Antwerp handles just about 231 million loads of international ocean freight annually and is home to the most important integrated chemical cluster in Europe. It directly or indirectly generates approximately 143000 jobs, adding more than 20 billion in added value. “A homeport of vital importance to a sustainable future" aims to flexibly respond to the rapidly developing maritime market and enable the port to continue to play its role as the world’s leading port.

Data visualization tools and digital twins are valuable assets for ports seeking to optimize their business, understand their port pollution, and even find safety solutions. The Port of Antwerp has its own 3D dynamic digital APICA application port twin. It was implemented in 2018 and has proved to be a valuable asset to the port of Antwerp and is the best possible example of using technology for sustainable development in the truest fashion.

The Port of Antwerp has large amounts of data from multiple port systems and is interested in learning how augmented reality affects its port operations. This is why they set out to design APICA, which is a digital twin, presented in the form of an enhancement layer above the picture so that users can fully understand the port movement.

As one of the largest ports in the world, this digital twin model provides users with a port perspective, which is impossible in other situations. Its digital twin APICA uses augmented reality technology in photography to viewport traffic conditions. The 8D perspective view combines 12 databases to provide accurate information about cargo transportation, geographic information systems, drone tracking, and surveillance cameras.

“Everyone has their definition of what a digital twin is.” Piet Opstaele, Innovation Lead, Port of Antwerp.

The most crucial thing of shipping is the external process which requires a lot of collaboration. Presently Antwerp is one of the few European ports with scanning facilities that allow for import into the US. It also has the second-largest petroleum complex of facilities and factories in the world. This is also chosen as one of the Reforged points by the US military in the event of warfare in Europe. The harbor is equipped for rapid deployment unloading of pre-packed US navy supply ships carrying military supplies of all kinds most notably heavy armored vehicles and attack helicopters. It specializes in unloading smaller-sized quantity good by containers.

Technology makes the Port of Antwerp Operations Sustainable

The Antwerp Maritime campus (MCA) is a biological system that interfaces business, innovation, and information to fortify and build up the oceanic area. The motivation behind MCA is to interface with business visionaries who create practical and water-related organizations. The MCA biological system is broad and spotlights the cooperative energy between the different members in a wide scope of sea areas in Europe. The MCA campus will turn into an energetic new area of interest in Antwerp with social occasions and feasting scenes.

The basic idea of the Antwerp Maritime Campus is to build scale and integrate forces among maritime participants and stakeholders who want to solve the huge innovation challenges of the maritime industry in the coming decades.

“As the world’s leading port, Antwerp hopes to set the tone as the port of the future”. Jacques Vandermeiren.

It utilizes development as a way to change the present significant difficulties, (for example, energy progress, digitalization, and portability) into arrangements and making ports more astute and more proficient.


Through plug and play, the city of Antwerp and the port of Antwerp have consolidated their position as an innovation leader in the maritime business. The city desires to get probably the biggest city in Europe by 2025. We have taken numerous drives in the development group: digital and circular economy. New York City and the port work intently together in the Beacon, an advanced development place. With attachment and play, this cooperation acquires another measurement.

Other products for start-ups, partners, and evolving ecosystems include business development, transaction, processes, seminars, weekly meetings, and a series of monthly events. Plug and play maritime will run a small business in front of the Antwerp maritime campus.

The development assumes a significant part in making the future and success of the port of Antwerp practical. It looks to be a wellspring of motivation and set a model for different ports. It permits exploiting R&D abilities. This is the center of our maintainable improvement intend to guarantee our future relevance and intensity. Taking an interest in inventive environments, for example, attachment and play with establishing accomplices is basic for accomplishing long-haul objectives.

The unique combination of the founding partner consortium of expertise and functions in the maritime field will provide high value to start-ups that want to directly introduce their technology to key stakeholders in the industry. The plug-and-play network cooperation with start-ups will allow Maritime Shipping to explore cutting-edge innovation and how to integrate with products across the enterprise's technology stack to lower costs and greater costs provide customers with a speed of opportunity. They are glad to utilize the capacities of DXC to help incubated start-ups up send their answer for an enormous scope particularly in the production network and calculated field.

As one of the world's driving ports, Antwerp tries to turn into the "port of future “. They use innovation as a means to transform today’s major challenges (such as energy conversion, digitalization, and mobility) into solutions. By teaming up and executing advances like huge information, IoT, Smart Transportation, and future coordination, makes ports smarter and effective.

Collaboration of plug and play with a port Antwerp is the embodiment of the vision of the 21st century being the age of technology by accelerating the implementation of technology with the integration of innovative ideas of maritime start-ups. This stage will bring the best new companies and early-scale extensions from everywhere the world to Antwerp, consequently adding to the Antwerp oceanic campus ecosystem and thusly elevate collaboration among accomplices to speed up the presentation of sea innovation.

This further means the exertion being made by specialists across the globe for powerful mechanical progression in the oceanic business and this cooperation sets an achievement like no other, going about as a genuine motivation for the remainder of the maritime industry.