Ocean Infinity’s Robotic Vessels to Receive Fleet Management Software from DNV

3 mins read  Sealuminati TeamJune 2, 2021

DNV has been approached by the deep sea data acquisition and marine robotics company, Ocean Infinity, for its fleet management software ShipManager for assistance in 17 new robotic ships and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs).

The ShipManager software supports the smooth management of vessels and fleets relating to all operational, technical and compliance aspects. Its different modules include shipping procurement, ship safety management systems (QHSE), crew management system, planned maintenance system, hull integrity management, data analytics, dry docking and ship repair. It has been properly installed in approximately 7000 vessels globally.

Ocean Infinity’s past year ventures comprise the initiative of the program to set up a fleet of unmanned surface robots- the Armada. The company will now use the ShipManager’s module to the full capacity for planned maintenance, procurement and trade intelligence for its advanced fresh fleet with no crew and less emission vessels for capturing the unexplored ocean data. The Armada fleet of Ocean Infinity harnesses low-emission fleet technology and is fitted with efficient sensors and navigational solutions that assist in information gathering from the deepest as well as the shallowest waters, which can be used for exploration, mapping or wreckage tracking.

Andy Holt, Fleet Director, Ocean Infinity, stated, “As part of our efforts to secure the reliability of our fleet of robotic ships and AUVs, we were looking for a trusted partner that could deliver an integrated fleet management solution. We know DNV has validation in the market and ShipManager is very intuitive and user-friendly. ”

Torsten Kappel, Head of Ship Product Line, Digital Solutions at DNV expressed his feeling of pride on becoming a part of the exciting journey with Ocean Infinity and also affirmed that the company's focus on decarbonisation and utilization of advanced technologies syncs perfectly with their own.

The robot ships of Ocean Infinity will be competent enough to deploy a large variety of latest sensors remotely along with AUVs and ROVs for visual and aural data acquisition.