3 mins read  Sealuminati TeamMay 24, 2021

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) aspirants, can now appear for two new subjects, which will be inducted in the upcoming years. With the addition of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, the total count of the subject reaches 29. This news came along with the news, in which, after consulting with IITs and IISC, the committee board is planning to increase the number of centres in 2022. This came as a solution for aspirants, the majority of whom came from smaller towns. These decisions are a bonus for all the aspirants over the previous decisions. A few days back, the conducting committee declared that all the students can now opt for more than one paper ( in GATE 2021), and opened the door for the third-year students.

On Saturday, a meeting was held by the National Coordination Board (NCB)-GATE, with an objective to hand over the Gate duties officially, from IIT-Bombay to IIT-Kharagpur. IIT Kharagpur then later sanctioned the infusion of the two subjects into the total subject list for GATE 2022. Prof. Deepankar Choudhury later confirmed that the decision, while in the state of making, also had the support of the Shipping Ministry, which demanded the inclusion of naval architecture and marine engineering. " Geomatics engineering – which involves the collection, measuring, monitoring, and archiving geospatial data – will also be added to the list in GATE 2022", he added. Previously, IIT Bombay-when in the power of the GATE duties (2021), included Humanities and environmental science as additional two papers. This decision was fruitful as nearly 14,000 students opted for each of them. It was the first time that Gate witnessed aspirants from arts and commerce backgrounds in 2021, and will continue to do so in 2022.

In this pandemic situation, many aspirants have appeared for this test from their hometowns. This was only possible as new centres were allocated for GATE 2021. Shirdi, Latur, Akola, and Dhule, which had never had a centre before, were all included. Choudhury said that "These cities figured among the top 10 cities in percentage attendance of students registered from there who wrote the exam", said Choudhury. For GATE 2022, the NCB-GATE has proposed forming a committee under Choudhury's chairmanship to look into the possibility of making more centres in smaller towns. The NCB has determined that students will be able to obtain their GATE scorecard for just three years, or before it expires, after which no details will be available.