Kongsberg Tie Knots with BW LNG to Make the LNGCs And FSRUs Future-Ready

4 mins read  Sealuminati TeamMay 10, 2021

To speed up the process of providing the future-ready liquified natural gas carriers (LNGCs) with the technology they can use, Kongsberg Digital has fruitfully made a strategic digitalization partnership with Alpha Ori Technologies and BW LNG, making them a healthy partner for the project and looking to start the project immediately.

Companies are trying to develop digital capabilities to take down the carbon footprint levels produced by both the Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRUs) and the LNGCs. This agreement is not based on any limit but compromises several projects, which include developing a maritime digital twin and common data management platforms with various digital processing designs.

Making the most of Kongsberg Digital’s data infrastructure technology and Vessel Insights aided with the SMARTship TM digital applications technology of Alpha Ori and BW’s assets for fuelling the digital twin and to expertise real-time decision support infrastructure. The main motive behind this partnership is to make LNG carriers and FSRUs camouflage in the advancing era of digitalization, by speeding up the process to supply them with all the needed technology, making them future-ready.

Already to increase safety promoting operational excellence and reduce emissions and cost, a pilot project has been initiated to develop and check the extents of the maritime digital twin. The maritime digital twin, acting under the value-added quality implementation of Alpha Ori supervised by the Vessel Insight data system of maritime simulators and Kognifai digital platform from Kongsberg digital, will be matured for the BW Magna FSRU.

Parallel to the happening of the pilot project, Kongsberg Digital and Alpha Ori have mutually decided to allow the unification of Vessel Insight with Alpha Ori’s applications and the joint benefaction of such complementary services all the customers present globally. This means customers of Vessel Insight will get total ingress to all the Alpha Ori applications and Alpha Ori will further keep on making outstanding, user-centric applications while Kongsberg Digital will authorize access to overall, devoured data from vessels.

Hege Skryseth, president of Kongsberg Digital and EVP KONGSBERG, said: “The goal of this partnership is to lead the way in the industry through reducing emissions and proving operational excellence through digitalization.”

“BW LNG is excited to further strengthen our relationship with Kongsberg and Alpha Ori through this partnership,” said Harald Martin Myhre, head of IT and digitalization at BW LNG. “We’re confident that these digitalization initiatives will help close the information gap between ship and shore and empower us to be more data-driven in our decision making.”

“By supplementing our extensive operational experience with well-managed data and algorithms we can create more value for all our stakeholders, increasing the safety of operations, reducing emissions to the environment, and reducing operating costs for our customers.”

In the previous month, Kongsberg Digital sanctioned a contract from the Panama Canal Authority to provide them with multi-vessel training scenarios like simulators for a better grip of the likely condition. Kongsberg Digital is highly approached by any company aiming to leverage their digitalization, if taken upon the fact of exaggeration, Kongsberg is truly sharing the highest degree of contribution in shaping digitalized era in Maritime.