Jacksonville in US Witnesses First Renewable LNG Bunkering

6 mins read  Sealuminati TeamSeptember 28, 2021

Picture Credit: GTT

The first bunkering in the United States using renewable natural gas and standard LNG was completed in Jacksonville, Florida. The project was carried out at JAX LNG, a small LNG facility located on the banks of the St. Louis River. JAX LNG loaded Isla Bella with a combination of LNG and LNG bunker renewable fuel using the Clean Jacksonville bunker boat.

Produced from waste disposal, renewable natural gas (RNG) is compatible with existing natural gas infrastructure and offers a significant reduction in emissions compared to traditional LNG, which already reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 25% more than ultra-low sulfur diesel. RNG is biogas used for hygiene standards, and, like ordinary natural gas, RNG can be used as a transport fuel in the form of dissolved natural gas (or compressed natural gas).

Element Markets provided renewable natural gas used to produce RLNG with thermal renewable energy certificates (RTCs). In terms of bunkering, renewable thermal certificates were matched to visual LNG loaded at Clean Jacksonville to create an integrated RLNG / LNG product.

"We always look for ways to meet the energy needs of our customers and help them reduce the environment," said Roger Williams, VP Commercial LNG and Gas Development at BEE GT & S, the parent company of Pivotal LNG, which owns 50% ownership of JAX LNG. "TOTE Puerto Rico has been one of the world's leading shipping companies. We are proud that this RLNG release event can serve as an example of what can happen in the area of ​​renewable natural gas and look to expand on this success."

JAX LNG is a long-term supplier to two TOTE flooded LNG vessels, the Isla Bella and Perla del Caribe, operating between Jacksonville and Puerto Rico.

"We are proud to partner with JAX LNG, which has continued to strengthen its position as an industry leader in clean fuel conversion," said Mike Noone, President of TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico. "RNG is a clean, easy-to-use source of fuel for today, as it does not require any new equipment to take or transport it."