Indian Coast Guard Saves 16 People from Grounded Freighter Mangalam

3 mins read  Sealuminati TeamJune 21, 2021

Amidst the bad weather India is receiving in both the Arabian sea and Bay of Bengal, Indian coast guards were again tested to their levels when a coastal cargo vessel crept under distress. The 2800 dwt freighter vessel Mangalam grounded in the south of the city Mumbai in heavy weather on 17th June.

The region of Mumbai is receiving thunderstorms due to the intensifying low in the east of India, and thus the weather remains rough these days. According to the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, Mumbai they received a distress call from the first officer on board the vessel Mangalam. According to the first officer the vessel was taking on water and the captain was preparing to abandon the ship. This situation left all the 16 crew members in panic.

The rescue center responded to the situation quickly and sent a coast guard vessel along with 2 helicopters while advising the vessel at the same time to be on board. The Indian coast guard called this rescue mission “A Daredevil Sea-Air Coordinated Operation”.

All the 16 crew members were saved through the help of a helicopter while having a rapid lifeboat to provide assistance in any situation. All the crew members were saved and the coastal guard posted a video of the same on the twitter handle of the Indian Coast guard.