IMC Group Invests In The BeeX's Underwater Autonomous Start-Up

2 mins read  Sealuminati TeamNovember 3, 2021

A Singapore Based Venture has contributed to the seed investment round of the BeeX. The IMC ventures is a venture capital entity of the IMC group whose basic work is to invest in the maritime and Supply Chain Industries. The BeeX is nothing but the hovering autonomous vehicle start-up. There are some more investors in the seed investment round of the BeeX. One of them was the National University of Singapore.

In the IMC's released statement, In which it was illustrated that, Armed with a vision to offer a Sustainable and environmentally free way of executing the Underwater Inspections on large scale. The Automatic Robots of the BeeX's are designed for self-thinking and this robot will provide a foundational strength for the safety of the Coastal cities and to fasten the systems like floating solar and offshore wind to reduce the operational and expenditure costs.

The BeeX's gets more stability from these funds to expand its hardware & software team more rapidly across the Globe. By accelerating the autonomous capabilities and the mission plans across the globe in the more crucial environments. Its hardware team will also commission a large and more powerful vessel to face any kind of situation like the offshore wind.