IMarEST discusses Tomorrow’s Fuels, Technology and the Transition

2 mins read  Sealuminati TeamJuly 3, 2021

The event which happened on Thursday 1st July 1, 2021, from 1930 to 2100 IST, organized by the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Training (IMarEST), started with a welcome address given by the event session chair Mr. John Butler, who is an accomplished business manager with an experience of over 20 years and that too in Maritime, oil, and gas energy transition industry. He is a former sailor from the Merchant navy, and also has experience in the construction of subsea projects. The session discussed the fuels and technologies from the future which will supposedly propel the ships in near future. In recent years, these discussions have taken the heat, as the IMO aims to deplete the emissions from the shipping industry by 2050. Several alternatives like LNG, Methanol, Biofuels, Ammonia, and hydrogen.

The event opened up with the presentation on the topic Energy Saving Technology Asset Leasing Models Proof of Concept and Feasibility Study. It was presented by Mr. Nick Williams, who is a graduate Naval Engineer from the University of Plymouth, with a wholesome experience in commercial shipping and defense domain. His presentation insightfully discussed the concept of EST the Energy Saving Technologies like that of Flettner rotors, High-efficiency propulsion devices, Kites, Sails, etc. Not only this but also Mr. Nick Williams gave his valuable insights on the economic and financial prospects of modern technologies and how everyone can access them.

The next presentation was on the topic “Transitioning from Fossils to Nuclear safely and affordably with Floating Nuclear Plants”. It was presented by Mr. Soon Heng Lim, who himself is a senior advisor and founder of the Society of Floating Solutions, based in Singapore. The presentation insightfully discussed the idea of implementing the Small Modular Reactors (SMRs), which can provide nuclear power, and at the same time with minimal risk as the reactor is proposed to be small in size. He deliberately discussed, each and every prospect of the SMR concept, starting from its panning and construction to its financial and spent fuel management.

The third and final presentation of the session was on the topic “Clean Energy and Transport”, it was presented by Mr. Muhammad Naeem Javaid, who is the Global Operation Manager for fuel advisory service at the Lloyd’s Register (LR) Marine and Offshore. Prior to this, he has also gathered a vast sea-going experience by working on different kinds of ships. His presentation discussed all the alternatives present, to lend a thought upon and thus forced the audience to ponder over the same even after the last word of the event. He deliberately discussed the alternatives such as Methanol, Hydrogen, Ammonia, and Methane. He also threw some light on the IMOs 2050 vision and also tried to address possible key steps, which will be proved crucial.

The session was then called off at 2100 IST, after 3 insightful and informative presentations.