Human rights at sea stands up for repatriation of deceased Romanian captain

3 mins read  Sealuminati Team June 17, 2021

The Human Rights at sea reported recently, that several efforts are being pushed in to retrieve the dead body of the late Romanian captain from the Liberian-flagged vessel M/V Vantage Wave amidst several states refusing to disembark the captain’s body. The vessel is currently at an anchorage in china.

The vessel left India for the Huangpu port in Guangzhou, China, on April 15, 2021. In mid-route, the captain on board the vessel passed away due to Cardiac Arrest (suspected). The pandemic prevention measures are being taken at the vessel even though there is very little chance of pandemic-related death.

According to the Humans rights at sea, it was tried to disembark the captain of the ship in different countries including shipping majors like Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Japan, but the permission was not granted in these states and the current situation is that the deceased captain is still on board the ship while the ship itself is anchored waiting for the berthing and discharge operation at the China’s Outer Guishan Anchorage. Several diplomatic and commercial negotiations, the disembarkation is not yet approved.

The conditions onboard the M/V Vantage Wave have become worse in the previous days in the absence of food and other life-important provisions. These supply requests are also discarded by the authorities and thus the condition overboard is immoral when considered with humanitarian grounds.

Human rights at sea recently in a statement pointed out that this ignorance given to the crew member’s demands can create negative psychological pressure for the crew, even though they are well aware of the pandemic restrictions. The group also pointed out that Human Rights at sea stands with the crew and calls the port authorities in China to accept the deceased captain’s body and provide the crew with some provisions.

For the records, a similar situation was created on board the Italian-registered M/V Ital Libera, and the Asian port authorities denied the repatriation of the captain who died due to COVID, forcing the company after waiting 7 months to declare the Force Majeure and allowing the vessel sail to Italy the home country of the captain. The data from the AIS shows that it is currently in the Ionian Sea with arrival in Taranto, and is on its way to Italy.