HMM Reports Cyberattack on their E-mail Servers

3 mins read  Sealuminati TeamJune 17, 2021

HMM of South Korea reports a cyberattack on their systems, becoming the latest target of the cybercriminals taking on the shipping industry constantly. However, the cyberattack has been restricted to email servers, narrowing the scope of the attack, claims HMM.

HMM announced that the unrecognized security breach, which managed to get into the fleet's email outlook server, was detected on 12th June and only had limited access. On the 4th day, following the detection of the virus, the email systems have been resumed to get restored. No information or data leak has been sighted, emphasized HMM.

HMM, in their statement, said, "Except for email, the other system networks and functions are fully operational as usual, attributed to the independent cloud-based system."

"In this context, our e-business platforms, including booking and documentation functionality, are properly running without disruptions," added HMM.

Except for Europe and America, the email servers are under maintenance - 15th June fleet's update to agents and customers. The local agency can be reached through phone calls as an alternative in the absence of customer inquiry email processing. Shippers are encouraged by HMM to wire their home office if problems are faced while contacting the agents.

Moreover, HMM ensured enhanced security checks and increased protective regulations to its customers and said: "Our IT planning team, consisting of IT experts, is continuing the investigation to prevent further security accidents."

Following the CMA CGM ransomware attack last year, the disruption in bookings and other systems accounted for the disruption in bookings. HMM has also now included its name among the cyberattacked significant carriers.

Recovery time for the French carrier exceeded a week, with some system parts requiring additional days to heal. Some of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) offline meeting facilities were also taken down by a similar attack at the same time.

HMM is currently dealing with the up surging demand in the US routes for additional capacity, and this attack has made the company face additional challenges. With its 26th extra loader in line, HMM has announced to operate four temporary vessels to satisfy volume surge to deliver additional capacity.

On 13th June, HMM Jakarta (7,000 TEU) departed from Busan on a Long Beach and Tacoma leap. Since Aug '20, it's the 15th extra loader off to West Coast.

"HMM is currently in a situation where it is almost impossible to secure additional container ships in the charter market," added HMM addressing the capacity constraints.

According to the company reports, vessels en-route to other places have been appointed as temporary vessels to mitigate shortages.