Heavy Lifting Lugs Distorted After a Fire On Board the Grounded M/V Golden Ray

3 mins read  Sealuminati Team June 17, 2021

The Grounded ro/ro Golden Ray is currently going through the salvage operation after the 20,000dwt vessel was grounded and partially capsized on 8th September, 2019, within the Port of Brunswick's harbour when the vessel was on its way to Port of Baltimore. The vessel contained 4200 vehicles on board the ro/ro.

Last month on May 14th, a fire broke out on board the M/V Golden Ray and it has caused some serious and noticeable distortion in the heavy steel lifting lugs installed to pull up different immersed sections of the capsized vessel.

Since after this distortion, the lugs were unable to provide required help, salvors are now elevating steel and other supplies onto the starboard side of the hull, which is outside of the water surface, meanwhile the repairing operations are going on with 1 of the 4 lugs replaced and 3 waiting removal. It is reported that after the required repairing, a non-destructive testing would be done to ensure maximum safety.

The salvage team is currently in amidst of their 5th cut at the vessel, going on for over a month with some recent developments as it has now been shifted away from the wreck with the help of heavy lifting barge VB 10,000, so as to help the salvors to keep the maintenance check on the heavy rigging which is being used to tear the vessel for salvage operations.

The onshore clean-up teams are also reporting reduced quantity of oil and debris on the Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island when compared to two weeks before. The fire on May 14th released additional quantities of burned plastics and oil from the wreck, which substantially was mitigated by the onshore clean-up teams.