Hamburg Sud Containership Damages Hull in Dock Scrape

3 mins read  Sealuminati Team June 23, 2021

A series of dramatic videos and images flooded the internet showing a Hamburg Sud-operated containership scraping along a ferry pier. This happened in Santos, Brazil on June 20, 2021. The videos are filled with cacophonous voices of the frightened ferry company workers who can be heard shouting and moving away as the huge containership pushed away the ramp portions of the ferry landing.

Cap San Antonio, the Maersk owned and Denmark registered 10,300 TEU vessel, was signing off the Port of Santos for a short visit to Paranagua on the Sunday afternoon sailing with a few boxes onboard when it scraped along the seawall causing a small hull damage and crease on the hull plates of the port side. In the video, ballast water can be observed gushing through the breach as the vessel slides away.

Hamburg Sud confirmed that so far there is no record of injured people in the incident or any trace of polluted region. The company is investigating the whole scene in collaboration with the authorities. Heavy damages were suffered by the ferry landing on the Guaruja side of the waterway and it was shut during the time of inspection by the authorities. The local media reported that a part of the loading ramp suffered distortion which had to be hauled by the container vessel to the harbour.

The port officials made it clear that they will look into the whole situation and would request assistance from the Navy for a wholesome investigation. It was earlier asserted that the weather had not impacted the navigation in any way, but the later reports claimed the wind speed to be about 40 miles per hour. The ferry service resumed but the passengers kept sharing pictures of the extended waits and delays because of the incident.