Greenpeace Activists protest against new oil licences in Norway

2 mins read  Sealuminati Team June 25, 2021

Greenpeace activists carried out protest to express negligence with the 25th licencing round awarding of new oil licenses. The Norwegian ministry faced a committed chain of activists, making things hard.

In accordance with the 25th licensing round, 4 production licenses are to be given to seven oil and gas companies, three of which lie in the Arctic Barents Sea, with one placed in the Norwegian Sea. The companies enlisted are (Norway’s Equinor, Shell, Idemitsu Petroleum Norway, INEOS E&P Norway, Lundin, OMV Norway and Var Energi ), and these companies will entertain the licenses offered.

The demands of the activists mentioned that the coming government should promote a thorough break on all the oil exploration. They also pointed out that the government has been ignorant towards the environmental and economic words on the walls.

The taglines used by these activists were “No to new oil” and “Norwegian oil is boiling the planet”.

The aim of the Greenpeace is to align the government’s thoughts with the IEA’s report that concludes that there is room for more oil and gas investments in the future net-zero emission scheme. The also asserted that the interest in new oil exploration is dwindling as the present scheme of licensing is witnessing a less number of applicants.

As mentioned by Pleym, “Norway must wake up and understand that Norwegian oil leads to irreparable damage to the climate. If we are to limit climate change, Norway must also stop the search for more oil and gas”.