Germany to receive a shipment of 59 hazardous waste containers from the Port of Beirut

4 mins read  Sealuminati TeamMay 13, 2021

Germany will soon receive a shipment of 59 hazardous waste containers from the port of Beirut, which is still recovering from last year's devastating explosion at its gain terminal.

The combo lift-operated heavy lift ship "Amoenitas" is docked in Beirut and has taken the waste consignment on board. Lebanon's capacity to handle hazmat on its own is small, so Germany is assisting it in disposing of the waste.

According to Elias Assouad, president of the Lebanese-German Business Council, the port has been cleaned of "any toxic, cancerous, flammable, and extremely reactive chemicals that have been stored here for decades."

"By cleaning hazardous material in the port, Combi Lift has been critical in preventing further harm to Beirut residents," said German Ambassador to Lebanon Andreas Kindl.

According to The National, the majority of the extracted containers were carrying hydrochloric acid, a popular industrial chemical used in a variety of applications.

The blast dispersed at least 100,000 tonnes of toxic products, including many of the possible contaminants typically found as cargo at modern seaports - chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, and microbial - said the UN Development Program.

There are several competing proposals for cleaning up and restoring the site, including one from Hamburg Port Consulting and Colliers International, a German group.

In a statement, Hamburg Port Consulting managing director Suheil Mahayni said, "We have worked hard to develop a vision that will lead to the establishment of tens of thousands of jobs, the reconstruction of hundreds of thousands of destroyed homes, and the opening up of Beirut to the sea, allowing for the construction of sustainable and socially oriented new homes in areas of the harbor that are not suitable for port service."