FORESCOUT: Revolutionizing Maritime Cybersecurity Technology

4 mins read  Sealuminati TeamMay 10, 2021

The kingpin of the cybersecurity world - Forescout Technologies Inc. is a US-based company, announced that in regards of the maritime organizations to comply with all the specific Operational Technology (OT) and to ratify with the prescribed requirements as in and by the United Nations’ International Maritime Organization ( IMO) in terms of Maritime Cyber Security.

The company is focussing on launching a commercial device visibility and control technology to polish away the backlogs created by the cyber threats in the Maritime Industry.

At the beginning of every new year, everyone hopes for a better future, and especially with the past year being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic the thought process is a sure thing. IMO did the same, with the very beginning of 2021, IMO brought in the guidelines to protect the vessels on January 1st with the aim of a profound future. The International Maritime Organization’s new guidelines on Maritime Cyber Security risk management sets in a new standard for the owners and operators of the commercial vessels, moving towards digitalization and automation.

In the July 2017 circular, IMO facilitating with Maritime Security Committee (MSC) came in with an appropriate declaration to address the maritime security policies and address the organization as of latest by 1st January 2021 to mitigate the cyber risk. Resolution MSC.429(98) clearly states and encourages the countries to “appropriately address” the pre-existing requirements. The IMO member states influenced ISC Code now serves as the measure to address a wide array of factors accounting for technical controls, implementing bridge safeguards, evaluating the cyber-security impacts with strategic preparedness, cargo and propulsion handling, passenger experiencing public internet, and other IT sector risks.

“Modern ships are floating cities with navigation, propulsion, electric power generation, fuel dissemination, and water treatment as well as other networked systems such as HVAC, video surveillance and automated safety controls,” said Kevin O’Leary, chief product officer at Forescout.

“With these expansive technologies, the damage a cyber incident can cause to critical systems can be far-reaching and difficult to contain due to poor visibility and control of all connected assets.

“Forescout has an established track record in maritime operations and now offers the power of complete operational technology (OT) network visibility and system integration with legacy and new bridge control systems.”

As the shipping industry is progressing towards the world of automation and digitalization is manipulating the vessels to be unmanned, the stakeholders are continuously searching for ways to connect, port to port via technology for proper functioning. But this ideology is possessing real cyber threats, making vessels more vulnerable to be hacked by professionals. Reports make the situation a believe more fact, as the last 3 years have experienced numerous cyber-attacks on the OT systems of the Maritime Industry and is still increasing.

Also, the coast Guard of the US warned and said, “Legacy OT systems that were not designed to defend against current threats and activities, along with a failure to take necessary actions to protect newer systems and equipment, create opportunities for vulnerabilities and exploitation.”

The demand for cyber safety can be well understood if the market trends are followed. The current market size for cybersecurity is USD 19.87 billion with a statistically proven revenue forecast of around 29.91 billion by the end of 2025, which means drastic growth. The growth rate is estimated to be a CAGR of 8.51% beginning from each year from now, i.e. from 2021 to 2025.

In which North America will have the highest market shares of around 34.6%, this is where Forescout comes into play, being one of the leading cyber-security providing company, this period of 4-5 years is a period of a golden opportunity in which they are already having an upper hand.

To maintain safety it is essential for maritime operators to rapidly aggregate operational and security data from the automation system of ports and ships and ensure Maritime Cyber Security. This will enhance the operational reliability and mitigate the threat landscape. Forescout also ensures to provide complete device visibility, prior threat detection which will boost up the vessel’s digital service to deal with advancing anomalies. I/O and IP networks will receive immediate alarms to restrict threats.

Forescout eyeInspect operating in all ports, promises to resolve issues before threats disrupting anything. It is surely the venture that is going to revolutionize maritime cybersecurity.