Fisherman killed in a Pirate Attack

3 mins read  Sealuminati TeamJune 18, 2021

The advocacy group Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) claims that a Trinidadian fisherman’s body, who was strained at gunpoint over the side of his vessel, has been found on the shore.

The fishing boat, which was managed by the local fisherman Andrew Volman and his relative, was attacked by the loaded pirates on Sunday evening who forced them to jump over the side. These pirates, thereafter, abandoned them and left with the vessel. The crew members succeeded in swimming to the shore while Volman couldn’t be found. His body was later discovered at La Brea, a minor town on the island’s southwest coast. The boat was later recovered unharmed with only its engine missing. The police confirmed the complete account by FFOS to the Trinidadian news passage.

This attack is the newest in the extended series which target artisanal fishermen on Trinidad’s coast. The organizer Gary Aboud in his social media appeal mentioned that on June 9, 2021 four vessels were stolen at sea with fishermen thrown overboard in the middle of night and till now the government has not taken a single action against this. He requested for a good public administration which can stop the deaths of innocent people. He also highlighted that the Trinidadian coast guard has not responded to the major and fatal violent incidents which target fishermen in the country’s independent waters.

It has also been reported that the fishermen have had encounters with pirates from nearby Venezuela, which has become a breeding field for crimes due to the economic stagnation and anarchy.