First Section of Capsized Lifeboat Seacor Power Successfully Uplifted by Salvors

3 mins read  Sealuminati TeamJuly 13, 2021

Saturday, June 11: DonjonSMIT deployed a salvage team that uplifted the capsized lifeboat Seacor Power through the bow section, later piled onto a barge to transfer it to a scrapyard in Houma, Louisiana.

The wreck is to be removed in three parts, as the lifeboat got dissembled after it capsized. The salvage team is constantly working on the stern and accommodation sections depending on acoustic analyses after removing the bow. The rigging part completion will be addressed through updated inspections to formulate removal of the stern; the moment the stern gets raised, the salvage crew will complete the practice and deportation of the lodging sections.

The Coast Guard, in a statement, said: "To ensure the safety of operations, the unified command is closely monitoring the weather and adjusting the work schedule as needed."

Concerning the debris and other underwater obstacles such as anchor chords, mooring wires, and navigational buoys, the USCG has enforced a 1nm safety zone around the area. They alerted and advised boaters to not transit the work area, as they may find themselves in danger.

The Seacor Power capsized on April 13 off the Louisiana coast due to bad weather and sank partly. Six among the complete crew got successfully evacuated, one had severe injuries, and later six bodies were found in the waters or aboard the boat. Despite a joint thorough surface exploration by the United Cajun Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard, seven bodies remain missing. The possibility of finding them in the wreck persists.