Fire Burst on the Containership 16 People are out but 5 were Onboard

5 mins read  Sealuminati TeamOctober 25, 2021

A fire on the container ship is emitting toxic gas into the air. The firefighters were deployed on the ship to control the fire, said the Canadian Coast Guard.

According to the marine tracking site Marine Traffic, the vessel Zim Kingston is anchored off in the strait of Juan De Fuca which is on the border of the Canada and United States. The CBC News reported that the fire broke out with the conflagration and it was reported to the Coast Guard at 06:00 Greenwich Mean Time on Sunday (11:00 pm local time on Saturday).

About 16 people were successfully taken out from the ship, and almost five more people were still there onboard.

Officials reported that the civilians out there on the island were not affected as well as the Seattle and the Vancouver port routes are free from any constraint. The Coast Guard restricted the area up to 2 Nautical Miles for any kind of ship and also for the Drones to not fly below 2000 feet over the ship. The Coast Guard announced on Sunday that then the fire was under control but still some firefighters & firefighting equipment were boarded on the ship to face any kind of critical situation; they have also reported that the storms coming from the West Coast on Monday might affect the conditions.

The fire is not seen on the containers’ adjoining side, and there ain't any kind of scorching or charring that's a good sign Coast Guard quoted. The fire is smoldering as you would expect, and we’re continuing to cool on either side, said the Canadian Coast Guard Commander JJ Brickett. The Coast Guard said that the toxic gases were emitted from the vessel but currently there is no case of any kind of harm due to that.

The Danus said no injuries were reported but the fire was caused due to the extreme weather. The company said that the inspection is going on the ship to ensure the entry of crew onboard the ship if everything went fine. The Coast Guard, Emergency tow vessels, and tugs were On duty during the night to ensure that the ship should be safe.

Lots of containers were lost until now there is no accurate count of the same. Until no harm from the ship is reported in the water and the air, continuous monitoring of the ship is taking place given the present strong cyclones that are expected.

To control the fire, the tugboats were continuously spraying the water on the ship's hull but the coast guard said that spraying the water on the chemicals which were there on the ship to extinguish the fire is of no use due to the nature of chemicals onboard.

Radio-Canada has reported that a total amount of 40 containers, roughly a rough amount, were lost from the ship. The coast guard of Canada as well as the United States was trying to recover them.

The commentator announced that the container ship is carrying about 52 tonnes of Chemicals on board the vessel.