Fire Breaks Out in Port City Near Iranian Nuclear Plants

3 mins read  Sealuminati TeamMay 10, 2021

Just four weeks when a blackout hit Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility, that the country attributed to Israel as an act of “nuclear terrorism”, a hearth has broken out close to the Bushehr Port, simply 12km south of the country’s sole functioning nuclear plant.

Snapshots of the fire started doing rounds on social media. It was on a nearby naval base, according to local reports.

The fire raged on the night, followed by another fire on a chemical plant in Qazvin across the country. The spat of fires is caused by growing tensions between Iran and the west because even Iran is enriching uranium at a greater level than ever before; the former nuclear deal is being renegotiated.

In April, when the country passed the 60% enrichment mark, President Hassan Rouhani explained that the decision was made in response to Israel’s “nuclear terrorism “against the Natanz plant.

In July 2020, a blast caused severe damage to the factory at the Natanz centrifuge assembly with some analysts claiming that the nuclear program in the country had been back 1-2 years. Israel though not publicly claimed but was also attributed to the blackout at the plant in April of this year.

In 2020, Iran witnessed a series of incidents affecting strategic industries such as ports and power plants. Seven ships were damaged in a fire at the Bushehr port in 2020.

On Friday in Austria, world powers held their fourth round of high-levels aimed at re-entering the nuclear agreement with Iran with both sides signaling a desire to hammer out the main stumbling blocks.