Filipino Seafarers Cry For Help After Being Stranded In China For 17 Months

3 mins read  Sealuminati Team June 21, 2021

13 Filipino sailors have been stranded in China for quite some time now. They are bemoaning and pleading for assistance so that they can exit the vessel in which they have been trapped for the past 17 months.

The bulk ship MV Angelic Power is anchored in South China. In 2020, the ship carrying the Filipino crew sailed from Indonesia to Guangzhou. However, due to pandemic-related constraints and legal concerns, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) was unable to finalize a date when Filipino sailors might return home.

Sailors are concerned that they will not be paid for the months they were unable to return home. They argue because they work while onboard, they should be paid.

The mariners were imprisoned by the Guangzhou Maritime Court on December 11, according to Leonardo Lansang. This was owing to an ongoing "economic disagreement" between the cargo recipient, Guangzhou South China Coal Trade Center Co, and the vessel owners, Angeliki Dynamic Investment Corp. Also, he mentioned that their passports had been taken away from them, making them "hostages."

The Magsaysay Maritime Corporation has been compelled to pay a monthly payment retroactive to when payments were discontinued, according to the MI News Network.

The Magsaysay Maritime Corporation has stated that it has been working ceaselessly to ensure the safety of sailors. Since learning of the circumstances on the ship, they have also pushed for their rights. They, too, are hoping for the crew's repatriation and speedy settlement of their debts.

The ship and her owners are involved in legal battles that are impacting their interests as well as the crews.

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) has announced that it will collaborate closely with the Department of Foreign Affairs to ensure that sailors' needs are met at the consulate.