Evergiven Arrives in UK, Port of Felixstowe Witnesses Dozens of Shipping Enthusiasts

5 mins read  Sealuminati TeamAugust 4, 2021

Port of Felixstowe witnessed a huge number of shipping enthusiasts and families to spot the villain of the global supply chain: MT EVER GIVEN.

The ship which choked the major trade channel- the Suez Canal- in March arrived in the UK. EVER GIVEN managed by Taiwanese firm Evergreen Marine was expected to arrive in Felixstowe in April.

Ever Given blocked the Suez Canal almost for a week, hundreds of ships carrying cargoes to livestock stuck on either side of the mighty Ever Given ship.

When the ship was finally freed after a six-day long salvage operation with the aid of tugboats and dredging vessels, it was impounded for three months near the city of Ismalia.

Egypt demanded compensation of $397 million over the loss the blockage incurred in its commercial trade domain. The ship was finally free to set sail after Japanese Owners and the canal authorities reached over final terms of compensation.

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Battling blockage, legal sues, and spreading commotion in and around the shipping world, the ship Ever Given finally docked at Port of Felixstowe at 1630 Britain Standard Time on Tuesday. The authorities said that around 20,000 containers are being unloaded via the aid of cranes at the port.

The stowage process at the Port of Felixstowe would take 24 hours to get over, said the concerned authorities. The 400 ft long is no more a commercial entity but has become a world-infamous watercraft. Hundreds of shipping enthusiasts crowded the beach to spot it arriving at Felixstowe.

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Ever Given ship carried around 20,000 containers with goods estimated to be worth $775 million. However, most of the goods were of perishable nature; for instance- fruits and vegetables- which would be destroyed for the very fact that they have bypassed the use-by date.

Hamburg, Germany awaits this globally infamous ship 'Ever Given' being her next destination.