Ever Given to Receive Green Flag by the Suez Canal Authority

2 mins read  Sealatiumin TeamJuly 8, 2021

The Ever Given containership has now been allowed to sail again from July 7, as the ship owners announced their formal settlement with the canal authorities, on the previous Sunday. The ship was held by the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) after it blocked the canal for 6 days, thereby affecting the global trade.

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Faz Peermohamed, an executive from Stann Marine, which represents the Japanese owner Shoei Kisen recently said that an agreement will soon be held at the SCA headquarters in Ismailia. He also mentioned the preparations for the release of the vessel are being made, currently. No other details of the settlement were shared from the Stann Marine, only they mentioned that they had reached an agreement in principle with the SCA, last month.

The opposite party, that is SCA also confirmed the event which will be happening on Wednesday, which would mark the release of the vessel. Osama Rabie, chairman of Suez Canal Authority, said about the settlement mentioning the SCA is receiving a 75-tonne pulling capacity tug boat, without pointing out other details. About managing the situations, he addressed the SCA’s efforts taken to preserve the rights of authority and relations with the Japanese company at the same time and with full efficiency. He also addressed the success of the SCA in earning revenue of $3 billion in the first half of the year 2021, even after the Ever Given crisis.

For the records, SCA had demanded $916 million, as its compensation claiming its loss in the Salvage efforts, reputation, and revenue, which later was lowered to $550 million