Electric boats paving their way in Amsterdam

2 mins read  Sealuminati TeamJune 4, 2021

Congestion in traffic is an alarming issue and Amsterdam has been on the lookout for efficient solutions for easing this. The Dutch canals were used for transportation in the olden days when there weren’t any cars and trucks to harm the environment.

The city’s more than 100 kilometres of waterways are about to initiate the testing of prototypes of futuristic boats, characterized as small and completely autonomous electric carriers, which will have the potential to transport the passengers and collect the waste.

The director of innovation at the Amsterdam Institute, Stephan van Dijk, expressed that this technology is highly relevant for very complex port operations where a number of ships, quays and piers queue up. This rare technology will refine safety with the use of autonomous systems and make it highly efficient for a 24/7 operations approach.

The city’s nautical past was portrayed effectively in a recent demonstration where a long electric boat, 4 meters in length, sailed along with the full-size replica of the 18th-century three-mast trading ship.

These Robots, being steered by a computer that uses the cameras and sensors to extract data about the areas surrounding the vessel for detection of moving or stagnant objects, are equipped with orange-coloured propellers and four electric battery-powered thrusters.

A period of about two to four years will be needed to refine and perfect the self-steering technology, according to the developers. The mechatronics engineer Rens Dornbusch said that this is being done mostly because they want to be very of the safe navigation in the canals. The developers will also have to deal with the legislative barriers and privacy factors before the boats can be put into action. The boat’s cameras and sensors have been developed in such a way that they won’t be able to identify any human walking down the streets, thereby securing the individual privacy of the residents.