Dubai's Jebel Ali port on Fire, Residents Trembling with Shockwaves Around the City

4 mins read  Sealuminati TeamJuly 9, 2021

Wednesday, July 7: An explosion on a boxship evoked fire at Dubai's Jebel Ali Port. According to the Dubai Media Office (DMO) authorities, the fire has been doused and brought under control to thwart damage at the Middle East's largest transshipment hub. However, residents were trembling with fear given a shockwave that throbbed their doors and windows.

Moreover, no casualties were reported following the explosion, nor the cause of the blast was discovered yet. The vessel was preparing to anchor with 14 crew onboard when one container aboard the ship fumed with orange flames. The firefighters responded immediately to prune the blaze, as 3 of 130 containers onboard contained flammable materials.

Port Authorities at Jebel Ali are reportedly exercising all necessary measures to guarantee the safe and normal transit of vessels through the port without any upheaval.

Following the Mona Al Marri ( Director-General, DMO) statement, describing the fire plumes as a "normal accident". Police in Dubai-one of seven emirates, and a provincial business hub making the United Arab Emirates, said the explosion might have been inflicted by "friction and high temperatures" during dry Arabian hot summers [Al Arabiya report].

The explosion unleashed a 25km (15 miles) ranged shockwave, shaking buildings and windows of neighbors within that range from the port.

Overnight, DMO and residents flooded the footage of the fire being doused by pumping water all over the internet. Reuter bystanders observed normal vehicles going in and out of port, later recognized as vehicles involved in regular port activities. However, civil defense vehicles reached the blazing scenes to deal with the plumes.

The ship remained unidentified by the DMO though the vessel had a carrying capacity of 130. The crew had been evacuated from the vessel preparing to dock " away from the port's main shipping line", officials told Al Arabiya.

The Jebel Ali port is owned and operated by the Dubai-based DP world. The port is located at the northern tip of Dubai and has 4 tumbling container terminals that can dock some of the largest vessels present globally. This busiest American warship's port of call outside the US is the largest established deep-water harbor on the globe.

DP world often describes the Jebel Ali port as the lifeline for Dubai and "gateway hub", as it has some vital links connecting the eastern and western markets, serving as the point of entry to the global trade network. The state-run company didn't issue any public declaration immediately after the explosion.