Drugs Worth Almost $100 Million Seized from Inside The Heaters, Barbecues On a Thai Cargo Ship

3 mins read  Sealuminati TeamMay 20, 2021

The officers in Port Botany on 4 May investigated a Thai cargo container, hunting down 62 large cardboard boxes after discrepancies in the consignment details were suspected by the ABF.

On confiscating the consignment, the Officers discovered 316 kilograms of a crystallized drug with a "presumptive positive finding" for methylamphetamine (crystal meth), with a street value of $94.5 million.

The Australian Border Force discovered it in a shipment that arrived by sea freight at Port Botany from Thailand on May 4, according to a statement issued by NSW police early Monday.

Border Force officials have asked NSW Authorities Organised Crime Squad detectives and also, Federal Police and the NSW Crime Commission for their assistance to help with further investigation and analysis.

This drug ice was discovered hidden in electric barbecue grills and water heaters on this cargo ship docked in Sydney. As per street value, the confiscated drug could potentially amount to as much as 100 million.

Once opened, officials discovered 316 kilograms of a crystallized material that returned a "presumptive positive effect" to get methylamphetamine (crystal meth), using an estimated street value of $94.5 million.

Authorities are urging anyone with any sort of intel to come forward to CrimeStoppers at 1800 333 000.