Digitalization and Innovation in Marine Sector

6 mins read  Sealuminati Team June 30, 2021

The event organized by the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Training (IMarEST), started with a welcome address given by the event session chair Mr. Palemia Field, who is a technical leadership board member in the IMarEST. He trains customers in the ABB Marine and Port about the Azipod propulsion units. He has also served in the Royal New Zealand Navy as a marine engineering officer. In recent times, the discussions on the topic of Digitalization have gained popularity as it promises to increase the efficiency and safety of the marine-based operation. The presenters in the event established several facts in line with the argument that Digitalization itself isn’t the innovation but action and decision support in a secure window is. The event basically incorporated AI, ML, ROVs, and finally the biggest question regarding digitalization, Cybersecurity.

The first presentation focused on the topic of AI on Offshore Waters and how collaboration is revolutionizing the industry. It was presented by Dr. Nimi Abili, who himself has 20 years of experience in development expertise and executive management advising, operating within the Energy and Digital Industry. He excels in the field of Edge AI, ML, and cloud-based technologies and currently serves at Greater Offshore. The session encompassed different insights on the changes going on in the offshore industries regarding the AI and introduction to Machine Learning. Dr. Nimi Abili also threw some light on the next-gen shipping applications and technologies like Edge AI and Micro Cloud. He also brought out his point that Data is the king and actionable data is the driver of the new innovations. He concluded his presentation through the statements that Collaborations brings around the Innovations that we need. Collaborating with a holistic approach can bring some important innovations, which are just around the corner.

The second presentation focused on the topic of Building the Remote and Autonomous Workforce in the UK and Abroad. It was presented by Mr. Gordon Meadow who is a developer in the MET and works for the digital transformation in the maritime workforce. He is also a founding member of Seabot-XR a leading agency of next-gen learning products. In his presentation, he discussed the common absurdity in the introduction of robots and AI on ships, which can cause the issue of unemployment in the human. According to him, the role of Autonomous ships and robotics is still under penned in the industry, thus creating absurdity in the minds of people. He believes and showed that it’s about learning new things and adapting the new robotics and autonomous technology which is supposedly the future in the shipping industry.

The third presentation focused on the topic Autonomous Navigational Guidance System: A Human Factors Approach. It was presented by Mr. Toby Garner who himself is a Principal Human Factor Consultant with 19 years of experience on his back. He has also led the business development activities in the UK and then at the Global level. He discussed the Key human Challenges emerging from the new autonomous technology design. He discussed, how the complexity, criticalness, and lack of interaction are causing problems for the human element in the industry.

The fourth and final presentation was on the topic of Maritime Cybersecurity. It was presented by Professor Kevin Jones, who is currently a professor of Computing Science and Executive Dean of the faculty of science and engineering at the University of Plymouth, and a fellow of BCS, IET, and IMarEST. In his presentation, he discussed the cyber vulnerability of the maritime industry. He also mentioned the acronym SHIP (Software Hardware Information Protection). He also proposed a hardware cybersecurity system which he called the vault which acts in the background and keeps a check on the cybersecurity of the vessel. Overall, the presentation gave insights into the cybersecurity domain.

The session then was called off with answers to some questions from the audience.