COVID-19 Cases still being reported on Cruise Ships

3 mins read  Sealuminati TeamJuly 15, 2021

The cruise ships' improved measures were able to avert the major outbreaks that made news in the spring of 2020, many cruise ships have cut short excursions or delayed operations in the last few days owing to the virus's continued presence.

The first case occurred in Singapore, World Dream, a Genting Dream Cruises ship, was reaching the end of a three-day voyage to nowhere with Singaporeans. A 40-year-old traveller was recognised as a possible case and he was in close proximity to a known case on land. Onboard the cruise liner, the traveller tested positive and was kept in isolation with three close friends, according to the Singapore Tourism Board.

In November 2020, the World Dream will be allowed to begin short voyages from Singapore for their citizens. Despite further limitations imposed by Singapore in response to an outbreak of the virus in the city, the ship continued to sail in the spring. Meal service had been confined to in-cabin and activities had been curtailed. Singapore eased the limitations in mid-June, allowing the cruise ship to travel with up to 50% capacity, and resume all activities.

“Following the identification of COVID-19 on board, American Cruise Lines has activated its COVID-19 Response Plan and is collaborating with state and local health officials,” the cruise line stated in a statement. The crew has remained on board, and the cruise operator anticipates that sailing will resume with the next regularly planned trip in late July.

Two passengers were removed from the Royal Caribbean International "Freedom of the Seas" last week after one of them, a 57-year-old lady who tested positive on the second day of her journey. Royal Caribbean flew the passengers back to the United States, but they say they were unfairly removed off the ship owing to a false test.

After an undisclosed number of crew members tested positive for COVID-19, Cunard has cancelled the first five excursions scheduled for its ship Queen Elizabeth. As part of its return to operation, the cruise ship was supposed to perform short voyages for UK citizens.

After several crew members tested positive for the virus immediately after being vaccinated but before acquiring immunity, Royal Caribbean International had to postpone the launch of its Odyssey of the Seas cruise ship from Florida in June.

As the cruise industry prepares to broaden its resume of service, the newest cases of the virus aboard cruise ships have surfaced. Cruises from Germany have just restarted, and more ships are set to sail throughout Europe and the United States. However, as new variations spread throughout the world, the cruise industry's standards will continue to be challenged.