Chinese Waters to Harness World’s Largest Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

3 mins read  Sealuminati TeamMay 10, 2021

Lockheed Martin (engineering corporation, US) partnerships with Consortium Reignwood (constructions, HK) to construct an Ocean Thermal energy Conversion (OTEC) in the South China seas, setting the standards high for all other worldwide OTEC building and development. Reignwood consortium constructed holiday resort township will draw in the sustainable energy provided by the power plant. The power generation of the power plant is estimated to be around 10 watts, enough to light up a small metropolis.

The higher degree of variation in the temperature levels between the surface and the sub-waters aided by the warmth of the oceanic waves, which increases the productivity of the power plant by greater folds. Making the South China seas the most potential waters to operate an OTEC.

OTEC power plants not only have the potential to generate higher extents of energy but also has several other advantages, which are as follow: -

  1. Marginal decrease in standard fuel operational costs.
  2. Marginal decrease in the emergence of toxic gases.
  3. A continuous 24*7 throughout the year, energy production without any delay or disruption faced.

Aiming to leverage the OTEC power plant optimizations, many engineering experts claim that the threshold energy produced can be utilized to power electricity-driver automobiles and also can be made to reach areas accumulating resources for desalination of waters. This venture is surely trustworthy, in terms of providing maximum benefits to both the money investing business giants.

Functioning of OTEC Power Plants

  • OTEC power plants will initialize the process by boiling the required liquid by channelizing the hot surface currents of the ocean into the turbine system, built above the water levels.
  • To make sure the liquid boils fast, a liquid having a lower boiling point in comparison to other potential liquids should be chosen.
  • Following the boiling process, the sub-water (underwater) turbine infrastructure will receive the boiled liquid, which has been rapidly cooled while moving through the pipes.
  • This continuous cool and boil process will provide the necessary energy.

Prospects of OTEC Power Plant

This Chinese OTEC power plant will uphold the spirit to discuss and develop apt constructional plans, giving rise to 100 Mega Watts of energy harnessing OTEC. In the current scenario, OTEC is already promising to be a sustainable fuel alternative production set-up. If things go similarly, OPEC will be considered the safest energy generation method aiding the global economy