Chinese Shipbuilding Skyrockets

2 mins read  Sealuminati TeamJuly 20, 2021

The Chinese newbuild market continues to be flooded with the surging new orders which are way more than those secured in the recent years. The officials are highlighting their progress as the orders rose to over 200 percent in the year 2021. A noticeable advancement in the VLCC segment of the fresh vessel designs has also been welcomed.

The Chinese are highlighting their new delivery of a vessel which they are claiming and stimulating as “one of the most efficient VLCCs ever constructed”. They’ve also reported that they’re working on the construction of the first LNG-fueled VLCC.

The CS Hunan Venture is the vessel which is being promoted as one of the most efficient VLCCs ever built by China. This 307,000 dwt vessel, owned by China Shipbuilding Consulting Company and operated by Wah Kwong Ship Management, is built by the Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Group. With a capacity of two million barrels of crude oil and a more than 26,000 nautical miles cruising range, the vessel stands to set a high competition in the market, given its energy saving attributes.

It has a straight bow design and is fitted with a 7G80ME-C9.5 engine, a fresh main engine type built by Dalian Marine Diesel. The vessel is equipped with a highly efficient propeller with a large-diameter and also a propeller energy saving device. An open scrubber is fitted in the tanker.

As per the report by the China Classification Society, the CS Hunan Venture is designed so innovatively that its Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) is more than twenty percent below the reference point. This attribute makes it one among the best VLCCS of the same size. It will be able to transit the Strait of Malacca as its design draft is about 67 feet.

The President of China Classification Society, Mo Jianhui, stated that the CSS is continuing another significant VLCC-related project ordering for an LNG dual-fuel VLCC with DSIC, which is slated to be delivered by the end of 2021. CSS is also aligning with major shipyards to continue its scientific research and develop different VLCC vessels.

The Chinese shipbuilding orders are on a continuous rise. In the first half of 2021, the country procured 51 percent of the fresh shipbuilding orders. It made a delivery of about 49 percent orders which were completed in 2021. The report mentioned that a total of 38.24 million dwt orders were received by the country’s shipbuilders in 2021 which brought the total backlog to 86.6 million dwt, rising by 13.1 percent per year.