BSNL Obtains Permit to Regulate Inmarsat in India

2 mins read  Sealuminati TeamOctober 22, 2021

On Wednesday the British Satellite company announced that the state-owned BSNL has received approval to empower Inmarsat's Global Xpress (GX) mobile broadband services in India which were very helpful for passengers of the airlines to experience a high-speed connection and also for maritime connectivity on the carriers & vessels.

The Inmarsat Director Manager of India, Gautam Sharma told the PTI that Spicejet and SCI( Shipping Corporation of India) had already enrolled for the new GX Services which will provide a high capacity as high as 50Mbps.

Gautam Sharma also said that if once this GX service is gets ascertained in India then the domestic flights, as well as the International flights which fly towards or move from India, will be able to give outstanding connectivity capabilities to their passengers and by using that facility they can do there professional as well as special work without any interlude.

Spicejet has already declared openly that they are going to give far better connectivity to the passengers this year when they inaugurate the new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

The GX will be available to the Indian customer across the government, to the Aviation industry & the Maritime Industry as well. Under the license of the IFMC from the telecom department.

The GX service is going to create a substantial effect to enhance digitalization in the Aviation as well as the Maritime industry. The shipping Companies of India can digitize their ship and do the operation onboard the ship additionally efficiently & faster.

The taxes for the grant are yet to be decided, said the Chairman & Managing Director of BSNL, PK Purwar.

BSNL's license will also see the GX service offered to the government and other users.

For customers and partners, the Introduction of the process will be occurring in a phased manner.

"We are pleased that Global Xpress, the world-leading passenger inflight connectivity service, is now arriving in India", quoted Ajay Singh the Chairman and managing director of Spicejet limited. He further said that "We are looking forward to giving this ground-breaking connectivity service to our passengers later this year when we inaugurate our new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

GX is operating in the Ka-band which is high-speed broadband established to provide better reliability and security that commercial and government-grade mobility customers need.

The company is ready to commence more than seven GX satellites including its next-generation satellites which will add more capacity.

The GX gateway is located at Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.

The Inmarsat CEO Rajeev Suri said that "Today is a significant day for Inmarsat and our valued, long-term partnership with India, which was a signatory to the founding treaty establishing Inmarsat in 1979".

" We are very pleased to make these capabilities available to users in India", and the Global Express is comprehended as the world's best satellite communication service for government and mobility business said BSNL's Purwar.

Inmarsat is a well-positioned system to partner with the Indian government to address the ever-growing demand for digitalization, Inmarsat's Sharma said.

Subsequently the overture of Inmarsat's representative and broadband data transmission services across India. Inmarsat's Global Express also secured the license from the partner BSNL, Sharma added.

Sharma also said that the Indian domestic airlines and international airlines flying to or from India will be able to add more sharp connectivity. He also added that this service also plays a vital role in strengthening the Indian defense, fostering digitalization, and providing adequate connectivity to the vessels under the Indian Flag.