“Black Box” Recovered from Sunken Container Vessel X-Press Pearl

2 mins read  Sealuminati TeamJune 8, 2021

The Sri Lankan Navy has been very active since the wreckage of the container vessel X-Press Pearl which suffered a calamitous fire last week leading to its partial sinking and has recovered a Voyage Data Recorder (VDR), which can prove to be an additional asset for the Sri Lankan officials to dig deeper in the investigation of this devastating fire.

The efforts of the Sri Lankan Navy divers to access the ship for the inspection of the underwater profile of the vessel last week were hindered because of very low visibility and rough surface conditions. When they revisited the site on Sunday, they found no trace of oil pollution on profound inspection of the hull. The crew was evacuated safely during the fire on May 25.

The VDR might not have been able to accumulate substantial fresh information relating to the recent happenings onboard since the bridge has been navigated minimally ever since the fire. It will still be able to assist the Sri Lankan authorities significantly. When the vessel arrived in the anchorage off Colombo, it had 300 tonnes of fuel. It is reportedly suggested that a part of this fuel might have perished in the fire. The Operator X-Press Feeders has accepted to chip into hood the expense of cleanup of the waste from the vessel which has harmed the waters.

Shmuel Yoskovitz, the company’s CEO, apologized to the Sri Lankan folk for the harm that this accident has caused to their environment as well as their livelihood. The cause which triggered the fire is still unknown but it is estimated that leaking cargo of nitric acid might have caused it. The vessel was planning to berth at Colombo to tackle the leaking acid when the fire occurred.