Biden Administration Plans to Explore Offshore Wind in the Gulf of Mexico

4 mins read  Sealuminati TeamJune 9, 2021

According to the Biden administration's commitment to expand the development of renewable energy sources, the administration is now seeking interest in the development of offshore wind installation in the Gulf of Mexico. This plan was announced just two weeks after the administration announced plans to expand offshore wind on the Pacific Coast. The plan is to generate 30 gigawatts of energy with the help of wind by 2030.

Amanda Lefton, Director at the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), Believes that this project will create a road map for the future of this innovative industry. The BOEM has announced that it will publish a request for interest in the Federal Register, by June 11 to access the resources at the Pacific coast. According to the company, the request for interest will focus on western and central areas of the gulf and the offshore states of Louisiana, Texas Mississippi and Alabama.

The reaction to the administration's decisions has been mixed. John Bel Edwards, Governor of Louisiana has shown interest in the Developing offshore wind project but the oil and gas industry working in the Pacific Coast is frustrated by the decision to pause all the new offshore gas and oil leases.

It is proposed that after the Request for Interest is published a 45-day public comment period will be held to solicit indications of competitive interest and additional information on potential environmental consequences from the decision of the administration.

Mike Celata, regional director of BOEM’s Gulf of Mexico office in New Orleans Believes that it would be made sure that the offshore renewable energy development proceeds in an orderly, safe, and environmentally responsible manner. He also believes that the Gulf of Mexico has developed expertise in offshore energy in the previous decades.

The BOEM has reported that it has leased approximately 1.7 million acres for the development of the offshore wind project and has 17 commercial leases on this stretch of Cape Cod to Cape Hatteras.