Beijing Port Operations Shutdown amidst the Communist Party's Centenary Celebration

3 mins read  Sealuminati TeamJuly 1, 2021

The celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party are going on and in an attempt to make the environment pollution-free, many Chinese industrial activities have been halted. This pause has affected the efficiency of the port operations as ports near Beijing were shut down until Thursday afternoon.

China is at the nexus of maritime trade globally and this has been possible because of the growing export activities through the decades. The adjourned port operations resulted in delayed trucks carrying loading fuel until Thursday afternoon. The country houses most of the major ports of the world and a pause in the activity of even one port is set to have impacts on the supply chain at every port. This strengthened connectivity among the Chinese ports is the main reason for their dominance in this sector.

The significant port activities suffered a downfall because of this halt and cargo operations were affected. In the Shandong region, fuel loading activities onto trucks were halted by several oil refiners as per the reports of executives.

Beijing’s various areas have closed down traffic and the security and secrecy were also strengthened. The industrial activities which tend to be overly polluting are stopped during such significant events to dodge the public criticism which might arise because of the unhealthy atmosphere. The coal mining industry is expected to remain shut for about a week while the steel manufacturing units will be laid off for a single day only.

The celebrations slowed down various activities. Xi Jinping has re-aligned the targets for China so as to re-possess its age-old role of the cultural, economic, and political power in the East Asia.