Australia and Indonesia Collaborate on Maritime Defense

3 mins read  Sealuminati TeamOctober 27, 2021

The Royal Australian and the Indonesian Navy had conducted stirred maritime patrols to enhance and strengthen the security along their shared maritime boundary as part of AUSINDO CORPAT 2021 as per the Australian department of defense article which was published on 24th October 2021.

The exercise was conducted by the Armidale Class Patrol Boat HMAS Ararat and TNI-AL vessels KRI Kerapu and KRI Sura was the eleventh iteration of AUSINDO CORPAT. These five days combined patrolling displayed an incredible defense coalition between Australia & Indonesia.

The main hotspot AUSINDO CORPAT is situated on the border of the Australian Indonesian waters where all kinds of illicit activities were going on like illegal fishing etc.

Rear Admiral Mark Hammond, the Commander of the Australian Fleet said that this patrolling operation also reflects the dedication of the Royal Australian Navy towards the Indo-pacific nations. He also added that Australia & Indonesia shared a very special kind of alliance towards the Security Challenges, Piracy, and their commitments towards the rules-based maritime orders.

AUSINDO CORPAT tested and proved that their techniques, mariner skills & their combined operations are strong enough to face any kind of challenges at any time and refined our ability to work together in unified maritime surveillance, security & interdiction.

“By working together, we improve regional maritime security and promote a stable, inclusive, and resilient region based on international law.”

The Combined Operation was done in a controlled manner as per the Covid -19 Guidelines to prevent the spread of the Covid-19.