An F-35 Lands On ‘HMS Prince of Wales’ Aircraft Carrier For The First Time

4 mins read  Sealuminati TeamJune 10, 2021

Stealth jet F-35B Lightning are now embarked on both of the British royal navy new aircraft supercarriers HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales for the first time in a historic moment for the royal navy.

With the launch of the F-35B lightning stealth planes onboard HMS Prince of Wales, Britain has taken a significant step toward a two-strike carrier navy. The event, which took place off the coast of England, was a critical step toward the 65000-ton vessel's full operational capability. For the first time, the stealth fighter touched down on the deck of the second of Britain's new aircraft carriers.

The HMS Prince of Wales maneuvered into position to receive the plane, which landed with precision on the expansive flight deck amid a flurry of enthusiasm from the crew.

F-35B Lightning stealth jets from the royal air force touched down on HMS prince of wales as part of their maiden visit to the £3.2bn Aircraft carrier, which is currently undergoing trials off the south coast with Apache gunship helicopters from 656 squadrons, 4 regiments, and army air corps.

The joint RAF-Fleet Air Arm formation Lieutenant Commander Ben, dedicated to teaching fast jet pilots how to fly and operate the stealth fighter.

RAF Squadron Leader said in the statement "With all of the training we've done with HMS Queen Elizabeth, we're excited to put that expertise and expertise to good use as we work with HMS Prince of Wales as she approaches full operational capability.”

The landing and take-off were overseen by Captain Darren Houston, the warship's Commanding Officer, who described the occasion as "a critical milestone in the Royal Navy's re-birth of carrier strike group operations."

Commodore Steve Moorhouse, the head of the UK's carrier strike group, received the news onboard HMS Queen Elizabeth in the Mediterranean.