An Anticipated Seafarer: Indian Seafarer struck for 19 months

3 mins read  Sealuminati TeamJuly 20, 2021

Yassen Shah, a 31-year-old man from Bhatkal, Karnataka, was stuck in the port for 19 months after fleeing to Iran to work as a seafarer on a cargo ship.

For the past six months, he has had no contact with the ship's owners or the recruitment firm that found him work. He has been forced to live near the Khorramshahr port in Iran as a result of the circumstances.

He arrived in Iran in January 2020, however, the ship he was working on (Payam 2), IMO 8748452, did not depart the Iranian port due to the pandemic's impact. Yaseen has been without pay for almost a year, and the Iranian agent who recruited him is still holding on to his passport.

Yaseen has gone to great lengths to obtain his due, despite not having a salary or a VISA. He told reporters that he took out a loan for his degree and to travel to Iran, totalling almost Rs. 6 lakhs.

He said his contract had been modified, and he refused to sign it since the salary had been reduced to $150 per month from the promised $200 per month.( "This was not the salary we agreed on before I left India, and my contract was eventually completed without a seal.) One of the reasons the corporation isn't paying me is because of this, "Yaseen adds.

He claims that his company offered him a flight back six months ago, but he declined since he was owed wages.

Yaseen claims he is owed $3,800, but the Iranian agent claims he would only be paid $2,800. However, he has not yet been compensated.

Many Indians claim to be tricked into this line of employment by Iranian agents who draw up contracts in a foreign language. He claims that he wants to fight for his pay and that he would return with all of the money owing to him.

Yaseen is being helped by a number of organisations. According to Shirali Shaikh Muzaffer, Founder President of Aim India Forum, the Indian Embassy in Iran has been notified. In a letter to the Indian Consulate in Iran, Shirali wrote, "I ask the Indian mission, taking into mind his mental health, to expedite his repatriation from Iran to India as soon as feasible."