A Local Agent Deleted Vital Emails of MV X-Press Pearl

3 mins read  Sealuminati TeamJune 10, 2021

Monday, 7th June: A Sri Lankan court was addressed on some essential e-mail deletions, by a local agent and having data of the MV X-Press Pearl sinking.

The court was told that the Singapore-flagged vessel’s Sea Consortium-Lanka, was immediately reported after the acid leak on board, but the latter languished in reporting the local authorities – state prosecutor.

According to the investigators, the e-mails deleted are believed to be exchanges made between the Sea Consortium -Lanka and Tyutkalo Vitaly (Captain, Russia), added the state prosecutor.

“The magistrate ordered the local agent (of the ship) to provide the originals of the e-mails from mail servers located abroad," a court official said.

The navy is to protect the sunken shipwreck lying outside of the Columbian port, as ordered by the Magistrate Chalani Perera.

The MV X-Press Pearl, as the reports suggest, was leaking nitrogen nine days before the fire onboard took place, i.e, since May 11. However, the port authorities in Sri Lanka have stated that they were unaware of this fact.

Offloading of Jebel Ali sited onboard leaking acid contains, has been denied from offloading at all the ports based in India and Qatar.

The vessel's "black box" - a popular maritime name for the voyage data recorder - has been fetched by the Sri Lankan navy from the shipwreck. The discovered black box could help the investigators with prior instructions and procedures taken before the disaster. The port authorities may also find relevant details regarding the ship's movement coordinates and communications with the docked harbor in Colombo.

The passports of Vitaly, Peter Anish (officer), and Sadilenko Oleg (Chief Engineer) have been seized, during a police interview, as a part of a special police investigation going on.

The threat of a potential oil spill from the sunken cargo ship has kept the authorities on their toes. Though such oil leaks have not yet been seen, tonnes of micro-plastic particulates have deluged the regions of famous beaches, throughout 80 kilometers of stretch. Areas affected have a temporary ban on fishing.

On Friday, the country's environmentalists hallmarked the accident as the "worst marine ecological disaster" in Sri Lanka’s history and prosecuted the government along with the vessel's operators for not being able to prevent the same.