5G Agreement Signed between Cosco Shipping and China Mobile for Wuhan’s Yangluo Port

2 mins read  Sealuminati TeamJune 2, 2021

A calculated and strategic agreement has been signed between the Wuhan units of Cosco Shipping and China Mobile which aims to curate 5G technology for Yangluo port’s water-rail conveyance.

The two parties will collaboratively manage and develop the construction of 5G smart ports alongside the exploration of fresh applications of 5G technology relating to port procedures and operations. It’s being done to begin and implement the second phase water-rail transportation assignment which will make this river port intelligent, green and efficient. Several new steps are being taken to amplify the efficiency of ports for proper and quick management of tasks. This second phase assignment is set to glide in trails in August, 2021 with the reconstruction of four cargo berths into four 5,000 tonne class container berths.

The container volume at Wuhan port has grown substantially by 177.4% this year. A similar agreement was signed between Tianjin port, Tianjin unit of China Mobile and Communication Technology last week for joint development of 5G applications for port operations. In April end, the Cosco Shipping had announced its joint venture with Dongfeng Motor Corporation and China Mobile on the development of unmanned and intelligent port methods.

The 5G technology has an ever-growing potential to maximize the efficiency and smoothness in port sector operations as it will allow the accurate passing of information, real time location data and other significant information through sensors. This will assist in the digitalization and efficient automation of ports.