10 Largest Cruise Ships in the world in 2021

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We will go through the Top 10 largest cruise ships in the world in 2021. They are huge, they are mesmerizing, they are … No we are not exaggerating, you doubt? Okay then, follow us to the world of the cruise.

Cruise ship! Fine but no, not Titanic anymore. We know that the first thing that comes to your mind on hearing cruise ship is Titanic, but we have to digest the bitter pill this time, that there are also various cruise ships all around the world which are way bigger than your imagination and surely the knowledge you have about them is way smaller than the word -cruise.

Starting our journey from the largest cruise ship named, THE SYMPHONY OF THE SEAS we will go through the other three large cruise ships operated by the Royal Caribbean International, which are HARMONY OF THE SEAS, ALLURE OF THE SEAS, and OASIS OF THE SEAS.

We will then turn our voyage towards the Costa Cruises-operated COSTA SMERALDA, heading towards the P&O Cruises operated by P&O IONA. We will wait for a while there to know about the AIDA nova operated by the Carnival Corporations and then after taking a glimpse of the MSC cruises operated MSC GRANDIOSA, we will reach the Carnival cruise line vessel, MARDI GRAS. Finally, our journey will end at another MSC cruises-operated vessel, MSC MERAVIGILIA.

1. SYMPHONY OF THE SEAS ( Royal Caribbean International )

Surpassing every cruise ship in the oceans, she is the largest cruise ship at 228,081 GT currently running on waters. Built in 2018 in the Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, France, she measures 361.011 m in length and can accommodate a maximum of 6,680 passengers in her 16 decks and 2,759 cabins.

It is about 30 m longer than the largest military ships ever built, the U.S. Nimitz-class aircraft carriers. The 25th ship in Royal Caribbean’s fleet began her maiden voyage on 7th April for a week-long trip through the Mediterranean. Symphony Of The Sea uses air bubble lubrication to become 25% more fuel-efficient.

Serving you with wonderful features such as waterslides and Flow Rider surf simulators and having the tallest slide – ‘ The Ultimate Abyss ’, this ride is surely an epic pleasure.

2. HARMONY OF THE SEAS ( Royal Caribbean International )

Named after the Harmony module on the International Space Station and also known as the sister of Symphony, she is also made at the same shipyard by STX France. This 226,963 GT vessel’s maiden voyage was from Southampton ( 29th May 2020 ) to Barcelona ( 5th June 2020), is the second on the list of Top 10 largest cruise ships in 2021.

For the inaugural season, Harmony of the Seas offered seven-night western Mediterranean cruises originating from Barcelona and Civitavecchia. This ship is not the largest but is the longest ship ( 362.12 m ) with 2,747 staterooms accommodating 5,497 guests ( double occupancy).

Like her sister, she also uses air bubble lubrication to be a 20% fuel-efficient vessel. It has a large water-based attraction, having a large dry slide complex, 2 surf stimulators, and 23 swimming pools. Along with other fascinating features such as 20 dinings, 1400 seat theatre et., it is a delight to sail on it.

3. ALLURE OF THE SEAS( Royal Caribbean International )

Being just 50mm longer than her sister ship, Oasis Of The Seas, she was the largest cruise ship upon her launch in November 2009. She was a 225,282 GT vessel, made along with her sister in Perno shipyard, Turku, Finland in February 2008 under project “Project Genesis”, after ordering her from Aker Finn yards in February.

This vessel having an accommodating capacity of 5,400 passengers (double occupancy) was first launched in October 2010. In February 2014 in entered a dry dock in Great Bahama to get its gearbox repaired, and later in 2015 she became the first-ever cruise ship to sail in the Mediterranean region all over the year.

With the addition of the Aqua Theatre and zipline, the ship attracts most of the tourists. Also, coffee lovers Starbucks alert !!.

4. OASIS OF THE SEAS( Royal Caribbean International )

The youngest sister in the line of the largest cruise ships and the first of her class. STX Europe’s Turku shipyard made this 361.6 m long vessel in 2008 and features of Aqua theatre and zipline were initiated.

This 226,838 GT vessel with a record capacity of 6296 in its 16 passenger decks at that time, conducts cruises of the Caribbean from her homeport of Port Miami in Miami, Florida. Oasis of the seas surpassed the Freedom-class cruise ships (also owned by Royal Caribbean) to become the largest cruise ship in the world at that time.

With numerous additional features, such a 5 swimming pools and various sports can be easily played on it. Serving since December 2009, she takes you down the lane to realize how big her sisters are.

5. COSTA SMERALDA ( Costa Cruises )

Being a 185,100 GT and 337 m long vessel, she is the 5th cruise ship in the world, but the largest to operate in Costa waters was made in Meyer Turku shipyard, Finland. Making her maiden voyage on 21st December 2019.

She is the 2nd cruise ship fully powered by LNG, after her sister brand, AIDA cruises.

Costa Smeralda is powered by dual-fuel hybrid engines and is about to have her sister Costa Toscana in 2021. This cruise ship along with providing a luxurious experience to its passengers also provides the environment with reduced carbon footprints. Costa Smeralda started serving just before the covid outbreak and serves you in the Mediterranean sea.

6. P&O IONA ( P&O Cruises)

Another LNG-powered ship struck hard by the jaws of the COVID-19 outbreak, delaying its launch from May 2020 to October 2020.

The largest-ever British line cruise ship is 344 m long and weighs 184,700 GT. Based out of Southampton UK, this vessel can provide once-in-a-lifetime memory to 5,200 passengers in her 17 passenger decks.

7. AIDA NOVA ( Carnival Corporation )

It is the first completely LNG-powered vessel, built-in Papen burg, Germany by Meyer Werft GmbH. Her maiden voyage was on 19th December 2018 for a seven-day cruise from Santa Cruz de Tenerife around Canary Island and Madeira.

The duel-fuel hybrid engines help her serve in the Mediterranean and Canary Islands, waiting for her two sisters to accompany her in the sustainable shipping future by 2025. 6,600 passengers can enjoy the ride of this 337 m long, 183,900 GT vessel.

8. MSC GRANDIOSA ( MSC Cruises )

Starting from being the 6th cruise ship with 18,541 GT on its launch on 10 November 2019, she now stands as the 8th largest cruise ship and a France-made Meraviglia class Flagship for MSC cruises, having the largest shopping area inside. This 331m long vessel gives a wonderful voyage to about 6334 passengers. 

MSC Grandiosa began sailing weekly Mediterranean itineraries for her inaugural season, calling in Genoa, Rome, Palermo, Valletta, Barcelona, and Marseille. Following her maiden voyage from Hamburg, the service of MSC Grandiosa resumed from 24th June 2021 from Genova to the Mediterranean sea.

9. MARDI GRAS( Carnival Cruise Line )

Serving around 5,282 passengers, this 180,800 GT Carnival cruise line vessel was launched in December 2020 by the Turku, Finland shipyard. Having a BOLT roller coaster along its length of 344.424 is currently scheduled to debut on 24th April 2021.

Mardi Gras is a tribute to the first-ever cruise ship company, TSS Mardi Gras launched in 1972. The maiden sail of Mardi Gras was expected on August 2020, but it became another COVID-19 outbreak victim and the debut was delayed.


The STX France made lead ship of the “Vista project”, was launched in June 2017 with the purpose to serve 4,500 passengers. Measuring 171,598 GT with a length of 315 m, she has a speed of 22.7 knots with the ability to operate all year round.

Winning numerous awards for her state-of-the-art QHSE management, she is quickly catching the eyes of the tourism industry with a lot of digitally advanced services. So, all the gadget geeks out there, you have a new experience waiting for you.

So, was the 'Top 10 Largest Cruises in 2021' journey mesmerizing? it surely has to be. But, while reading you might have come across ‘ COVID-19 outbreak ‘, several times. No wonder, the pandemic not only affected you and made you sit in your homes, but it also affected some of the largest cruise ships, waiting for you to join them.

Big cruise ships, such as Mardi Gras and P&O Iona, which we're expecting to start their carriers in 2020 were just standing still. Whereas the largest commissioned vessel in Costa, Costa Smeralda which just started serving before the outbreak was facing huge business losses.

This Industry is also a part of the shipping industry and serves a lot to the global economy. Thus, this blog helps you to find the answer to several questions related to this industry and we will also try to answer some mostly asked questions later.


Which is the largest cruise in the world?

Symphony of the seas, 228,081 GT; 311 m in length accommodating a total of 6,680 passengers in her 16 decks is the largest cruise in the world.

Which is the longest cruise in the world?

Harmony of the seas measuring 360.12 metre in length is the longest cruise in the world.

Which is the first completely powered LNG cruise ship?

AIDA nova, operated by Carnival corporation is the first LNG-powered vessel, who made her maiden voyage on 19th December 2018.

We hope that this blog with the largest cruise ship in the world has made you go through each line of what you wanted to read. Thank you and do visit us again.